animal bedding
reptile sand
desert gecko
No Dyes - All Natural Coloring - Stimulates digging and burrowing behavior.
Mirrored after substrates animals live on in
their natural habitats - just like Sand - only better.
Absorbant - Odor Absorbant - Conducts Heat Well - Long Lasting
Tested and Veterinarian Reviewed
Dragons Den flows through the digestive tract
and easily passes with the natural cycle of digestion

Dragons Den animal bedding great for snakes, lizards, tortoises and even poultry.

Digestibility is a big concern with the reptile enthusiast, no animal bedding is 100% safe, with our unique milling system we are able combine over 20 plus
sizes of bedding, making the bedding less likely to impact during the natural process of digestion, it will pass easily with the animals natural movement.

From my experience with reptiles and other terrium dwelling pets is odor from the feces and pour moisture control this animal bedding clumps, and can be scooped easily. I can also be flushed down the toilet or use it in your garden.

The other issue we sometimes all face is mites and I have noticed animals that are housed with our animal bedding have very little to no issues with mites or other insects as our animal bedding drives them away.

This material is patented, patent # #6832579, the developer of the material being I, has over 25 years experience with snakes, mostly corn and boas, iguanas, tortoises, everything that walks or crawls I have had at one time my life or another. One of my biggest issues when I was breeding or just showcasing my reptiles was the issue of a quality nice looking animal bedding/substrate.

Something to make the animal look exceptional against the material it was residing on..

When I came across this material 10 years ago, I knew it was going to be a good bedding for animals.
It has over 20 plus different sizes to the grains of sand, making the material easier to pass through the digestive tract.

My lizards pass the material easily and readily gained more weight then the lizards housed on other materials. Snakes fed in their enclosures, habitats had no issues with the material.

Want to order a sample it includes shipping and it cost $9.99 - this will be about 1-2 lbs of bedding - ships anywhere in the USA

This material is readily available and cost $19.99 for 10 lbs which will give you about 1 1/4 inch of coverage in a 10 gallon tank. The $19.99 does include shipping to you anywhere in the United States.

  Or double your order to 20 lbs and only pay an extra $8 bringing the total to $27.99 still includes shipping anywhere in the USA

Have questions, want advise contact me at or call 714-441-3442

copyright DreamWeaver Studios - 2013 - All Rights Reserved - Patent # 6832579

desert gecko animal bedding